Celebrating 28 years in business!

Alliance Machinery, Inc is a family run business that started in 1996.  We strive to provide unsurpassed customer service while offering the highest quality woodworking machinery in the Industry.  With over 70 years of combined experience in the Woodworking, Millwork and Panel Processing markets,  we look forward to meeting the challenges and providing you the best solutions to your woodworking machinery needs.

New Sawstop Industrial Table saws now in stock!

Available now:

Industrial ICS53230-52

5HP 230v 1ph with 52” T-fence

Professional PCS31230-TGP252

3HP 230v 1ph with 52” T-fence

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Eliminate hand sanding!

The Stanza SB-series finish sanders will save you time and money. Available in 24”, 39” and 52”

Quality finish sanders built in Denmark. Inverter speed control of the conveyor belt and three sanding stations.

For more information and leasing options, please inquire

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New! Rover K 1224FT Nested Base Cell with auto-loading and unloading. Loaded with standard features including:

  1. 12Hp HSD spindle

  2. 10 spindle HSD drill block

  3. Push off with dust collection

  4. Tool touch off

  5. Becker vacuum pump

  6. B-Solid CAD/CAM software

  7. Sophia service app

  8. Pneumatic linear fences on the table and outfeed belt for efficient off loading of parts


New! Viet S211VN 43” double head wide belt sander with veneer package.


  1. Touch screen controller for setting programs

  2. Steel contact drum on head#1

  3. Combination soft rubber drum and segmented platen on head#2

  4. Variable speed conveyor by inverter

  5. Air jet belt cleaners

  6. Pneumatic drum selection and more

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New! Akron 1120j Automatic Edgebander. Includes:

  1. Pre-milling with timed intervention

  2. End trimming

  3. Fine trimming,

  4. Radius scraping

  5. Glue scraping

  6. Buffing.  PCL controls.

  7. 5mm strip capacity, 3mm PVC ready. User friendly 7” touch screen control.

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